Organic-reared Bronze Turkey is a traditional breed, renowned for its excellent flavour and texture. My turkeys have been reared from one-day-old at Bickham Farm, ranging in my orchard during the day and housed in a spacious barn on a deep bed of straw at night.

Rearing turkeys on an organic free-range system allows them to mature slowly with the freedom to roam and eat a more varied diet.

My turkeys are hand-plucked and hung, further enhancing their flavour, and presented dressed with giblets included.

Available for collection or national delivery on 22nd December, we can accept cheques or cash only on the day of collection or despatch.

Click 'order for collection' below to order a turkey or free-range organic goose.

I've also got some delicious organic ducks, to order give me a call or drop me a message, contact details are below.

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What our customers say

We have bought a turkey from Roddy for 10 years I think that speaks volumes.
Where would we be without Roddys turkey at Christams, another great bird this year thank you, so full of flavour.
Mrs Bate

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